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repulsively unhygienic

And people wonder why I dislike dogs, trying to convince me that they're not as repulsively unhygienic as I say they are. But they are. They're shit-focused creatures.
Actually, native North-Canadian tribes supplement their sled dogs' diet by crapping in their kennels. That's no joke.

I had wild boar running amok outside my tent at night a couple of times. Frickin' scary. I heard a couple of them fighting once, sounded like I imagine rabid (and very discontent) zombies may. In that area I've slept with a nice pointy wooden spear next to me since that night, and each night before going to bed I would strategically wee all around my campsite, and I'd put tins and scraps some place far away. When I retrieved the cans in the morning one of them was pierced and had been gnawed at, now what animal would do such a thing? Discontent zombies maybe? I mean, gnawing at tins can't be very beneficial to your gums, can it?
Another time I woke up to the ground shaking as what must have been a particularly large specimen was trotting around outside my tent. And yet another time, very early in the morning and on a proper official campsite near town (!) I saw a young one coming from the woods up the hill and proceeding to happily trot about, from tent to tent, looking for scraps. That was nonscary and actually quite cute.

Re wild animals, take advice from survival tip #3 and #4 from Outback Simon's complete guide to wilderness survival.

edit: The weeing was part of an effort to put a (presumably nasty, boar-deterring) human smell on my surroundings, and was not immediately related to mentioned frickin' scaryness ;-)

Posted by Wicher on Wed, 03/23/2011 - 23:08